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Motorcycles tend to get a bad rep, but undeservedly so. The biggest danger when it comes to motorcycles it actually other drivers, they tend to think they should drive differently or don’t pay any respect to bikers, which makes accidents that much more likely. We try to spread truthful and positive information about bikers, biking groups actually do a ton of good for their communities. Even groups like the Hell’s Angels do rides and fund-raisers all the time for good causes in their communities.

Motorcycles are amazing modes of transportation, just the increase in gas mileage shocks most. You can expect to get anywhere from a good 50-100 MPG on average, incredible! Contrary to popular opinion, motorcycles are actually quite safe as long as you’re in good conditions. Bikes come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and powers. From big Harleys with tons of power to almost dirtbike-esque ones, they all get the job done in the end.

If you want more information about motorcycles in general, or rides and events in the Raleigh area, check out our blog or contact us! Let’s get riding!