Motorcycle Accessories

Finding the perfect match for your bike!

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 Riding a motorcycle is a world all its own. The smell of the road, the surrounding land. The feel of the temperature changes as you go up and down into hills and gullies. Outrunning a pending rainstorm. Add that whole extra “Oh Lord – there is a rock 10 feet in front of me…” panic which ISN’T so idyllic. With the good, bikers must also deal with a little of the bad. These are the kinds of things that cagers just never feel or experience.

As any experienced rider knows, having the right accessories absolutely make all the difference. So whether you’re new at this or have been riding for some time, here are some must-have items that will take your ride to the next level:

Helmets | Riding Gear | Saddlebags | GPS/Navigation | Comm Systems | Covers | Lighting


Safety should always come first, which is why a quality helmet is an absolute must-have accessory for most motorcycle riders. The feel of the wind in your hair roaming around the Grand Strand for Myrtle Beach Bike Week or at Daytona Bike Week is exhilarating. At other times, helmets are really a must. Not only will it protect you in case of an accident, but it can also keep you comfortable on longer rides by reducing wind noise and shielding your face from bugs or debris.

Riding Gear

In addition to a helmet, you should invest in some quality riding gear. This could include jackets, pants, gloves and boots designed specifically for motorcycle riding. Not only will this protect you in case of an accident but it also keeps you comfortable on longer rides by shielding you from weather elements.  There are all types of materials for the rider.  From old-fashioned denims to newer slide-resistant polys with CE level protection, there’s riding gear for every style.

Saddlebags & Luggage

When planning a longer ride or needing extra gear, saddlebags or some other sort of motorcycle luggage pretty much an essential. Saddlebags come in various styles and sizes from leather to hard plastic and can be mounted on the back or sides of your bike. These provide extra storage space so you can pack everything you need for your adventure.  Find out more about motorcycle saddlebags.

GPS / Navigation

When planning a long ride or traveling to an unfamiliar location, having access to a GPS or navigation system can be invaluable. They’ll keep you on track and prevent getting lost, plus they’ll show you the best routes and scenic spots along the way. While some people use things like Garmins and other dedicated GPS setups (even built-in systems on some of the higher-end bikes), having a smartphone with Waze, Google Maps or some other similar navigation app is cheap and easy – if you have a good phone mount!

Communication Systems

Bluetooth headsets or intercoms are an ideal way to stay in contact with your riding partners while on the go. They enable you to speak without taking your hands off the handlebars, plus they can also be used for listening to music or taking phone calls. Bluetooth-enabled helmets often have all the acoustics built right in with no manual wiring involved. 

Motorcycle Covers

When you’re not riding your bike, it is essential to protect it from weather damage such as rain and sun rays. Motorcycle covers also help shield your ride from theft by keeping it hidden and out of sight when not in use.


Good and effective lighting is essential for safe riding, especially at night or in low-light conditions. Upgrading your bike’s lighting system with LED lights or additional driving lights can enhance YOUR visibility to other drivers and will DEFINITELY improve your ability to see the road and obstacles.