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Leather Motorcycle Saddlebags

Motorcycle riders WELL know the joys of riding. The open road, the wind in your face and adrenalin are like no other experience. But if you’re planning a longer trip or need extra storage for more than just a few essential items, saddlebags are your answer. Saddlebags are great, but nothing screams “classic” more than a good set of leather motorcycle saddlebags.

Classic Leather Saddlebag in blackLeather saddlebags have been a classic motorcycle accessory for decades, and for good reason. Not only do they look great, but they’re incredibly functional too. Here’s a great article on the best bags for motorcycles. Here are just a few reasons why leather saddlebags should be an essential item for any motorcycle rider:

Harley Davidson CruiserStorage Space

Leather saddlebags are an ideal storage option, whether you’re taking a long road trip or need extra gear on board. From clothes and tools to snacks, there’s room to pack everything essential for your ride. There are a number of sizes available to fit motorcycles from smaller and mid-size cruisers on up to the big touring bikes. When you start looking over saddlebags for your ride, keep an eye on the CI (cubic inch) or CC (cubic centimeters) measurements to get an idea of the usable storage space.


Leather saddlebags have a timeless, classic aesthetic that never goes out of style. They add an air of ruggedness and sophistication to any motorcycle, helping you stand out from competitors. Plus, with so many different styles and designs available, there’s sure to be a set of saddlebags that perfectly matches both your bike’s look as well as personal style. Have an Indian or Harley-Davidson motorcycle? NOTHING screams classic style more than a solid set of leather saddlebags and accessories.  Check out the Facebook page for Leatherworks, Inc. They are behind the bags on the Road King at the top.


Leather is an incredibly resilient material, capable of withstanding all types of weather and wear and tear. When you invest in leather saddlebags, with at least some ongoing care, they will generally last for years. A little leather conditioner, a little protectant – there are a number of leather treatments and everybody has their own. Plus, the more you use them, the prettier their patina develops which adds character and charm to your bike.


When traveling, it’s essential to make sure all your belongings are secured. Leather saddlebags can offer locking mechanisms or straps which keep gear from flying out or being stolen – giving you peace of mind knowing your valuable items are safely kept. Let’s face it, anything on a motorcycle can be game for a determined thief, but having a good keyed lock on your bags can give you a little extra peace of mind. Many sets offer hard plastic interiors that can make those bags that much more difficult to get into.


Leather saddlebags are not the only piece you can get for your bike. Toolbags, trunk bags, windshield bags and even full custom leather motorcycle seats are all available for almost all models out there. These kinds of accessories and addons can take your bike from stock to wow.

In the big scheme of things, leather motorcycle saddlebags are an excellent investment for any rider. Not only do they provide the storage space you need, but they also add style and character to your bike that you really want. So if you’re ready to enhance your riding experience and bike, why not invest in some leather saddlebags today!